You have to hand it to Rinspeed founder and boss, Frank M Rinderknecht but when he sees a car its not just a mode of transport but a plaything created to raise a smile from the most cynical hacks face.

BamBoo is no exception with its salmon, lobster, yellow livery, radiator replaced with an interactive communications center that can display the drivers Facebook page or the manufacturers logo. Theres artwork from New York pop artist, James Rizzi featured in the interior whilst the dashboard is in the shape of a giant breadbox, obviously. Whilst youll need the iconic Swiss army knife to start the car with, and I thought you only needed the attachment which picks boy scouts from horses hooves.

We mustnt forget the inflatable roof, the waterproof interior or the avant garde Harman JBL GreenEdge speakers.

Naturally its electrically powered by a 54kW motor and features a steel chassis with a composite body and horizontal shock absorbers.