I have a question about parts and service lacetti.
I have Suzuki Forenza 2006 2.0 DOHC A/T in poland and parts is unable to buy (by aka Forenza).
Service (Ori Suzuki/Chevy Service) is unable to talk with they. What is in your city/country?
My Forenza have problem with airbag but chevrolet explorer don't work with airbag system in my forenza.
Parts I buy by Lacetti 1.8 A/T and Daewoo Nubira 2.0. All parts is ok but diagnostic is on my way. Only ELM and Chevy Explorer...
Parts for A/T is in guys of ZF Transmisions shop and that is ok, but Service of Suzuki is terrible in my city (Opole Poland).
Please give my an answer about AirBag Diagnostic?

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