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The Audi A8 and the MMI (Multi Media Interface)

The Audi A8 and the MMI (Multi Media Interface). Rating: from 5 , voters 0 users.
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    The Audi A8 and the MMI (Multi Media Interface)    

    The Audi A8 and the MMI (Multi Media Interface)

    Guide to car A8 and the MMI (Multi Media Interface).
    The MMI has a HTML Browser, which is used not only for digital management and operation of the vehicle and MMI, but also for other applications. As for the car memory, which is not particularly cheap and the memory requirements are relatively large, is used as the information carrier CD-ROM, which can be read on regular CD players.

    Release: 2005
    Author: Audi AG

    Audi А8 и MMI (Multi Media Interface)-3d9bd13d421db70a4413e3504aa2cc32-jpg Audi А8 и MMI (Multi Media Interface)-8017f5618368dd494c8ce6cf764e1464-jpg Audi А8 и MMI (Multi Media Interface)-348399224d7a41af803ec6a61a498968-jpg

    The Audi A8 and the MMI on AutoRepManS:


    Repair manual is:

    - Manual and technical characteristics of the car
    In the section of the manual describes the instructions for the basic maintenance of the car and gives the basic technical information about the car. With a good book-the guide much easier to understand the device of your car and learn the rules of its operation.
    -- Step-by-step procedures for self-maintenance
    Every book contains a lot of useful information that will be useful in the daily operation of the vehicle, available and the most detailed information on maintenance, as well as the sequence of all necessary procedures and their volumes. In addition, recommendations on the use of fluids and lubricants, as well as on the use of various tools and selection of spare parts.
    -- Phased, illustrated with examples for diagnostics and repair of various components and assemblies of the vehicle, a detailed electric schemes
    In most cases, the repair book is beautifully illustrated, which will also help to understand and assimilate the information presented. All procedures are accompanied by photographs and detailed description of all work performed. In addition, the book on repair of the given scheme of electrical equipment that will be needed in the repair or maintenance of electronics machinery.
    -- The common car faults and ways of their elimination
    Special recommendations on the pages of the repair manual will help the user to understand the cause and characteristics of the specific fault, and then find the exact terms of repair.

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