Guidance for car A8 MMI (Multi Media Interface).
The MMI has a HTML browser, which is used not only for digital car manuals and MMI, but also for other applications. With regard to automotive memory that especially not cheap and memory requirements are relatively large, used as a carrier of information CD-ROM, which can be read on the regular CD players.

Release date: 2005
Author: Audi AG
Language: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese

Audi А8 и MMI (Multi Media Interface)-3d9bd13d421db70a4413e3504aa2cc32-jpg Audi А8 и MMI (Multi Media Interface)-8017f5618368dd494c8ce6cf764e1464-jpg Audi А8 и MMI (Multi Media Interface)-348399224d7a41af803ec6a61a498968-jpg

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