Acura RSX (2002-2003) - workshop Manual

Repair manual Acura RSX:
- includes detailed information on methods of diagnosis and repair of units and aggregates of the car Acura RSX 2002-2003.
If you are having technical problems with the car, the Acura RSX Honda Integra-download this guide and it will become your irreplaceable Assistant in dealing with small problems the car and continue the planned works on replacement of consumable materials and technical liquids. You will be able to abandon regular attendance at service stations, thereby saving a considerable amount of money.

Each section includes:
1. A table of contents, or an exploded view index showing:
• Parts disassembly sequence.
• Bolt torques and thread sizes.
• Page references to descriptions in text.
2. Disassembly / assembly procedures and tools.
3. Inspection.
4. Testing / troubleshooting.
5. Repair.
6. Adjustments.

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