Guidance on repair and maintenance:
MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT - 1996-2004 model years
MITSUBISHI PAJERO SPORT - 1996-2008 model years
MITSUBISHI CHALLENGER - 1996-2001 model years
Car models with petrol engines V6 6G72 (3.0 ltr.), 6G74 (the 3.5 litre MPI) and 6G74 (3.5 l. GDI)

The book is a guide to the operation of vehicles containing detailed information on maintenance, fault diagnosis, repair and adjustment of the system components of motor vehicles. Such systems as systems of distributed (MPI) and direct (GDI) fuel injection, ignition), elements of mechanical (MT) and automatic (automatic transmission) gearboxes MITSUBISHI, transfer case (control system all-wheel drive (PART TIME and SUPER SELECT)), brake system (including anti-lock brakes (ABS) and electronic brake distribution (EBD)), steering, suspension, body parts MITSUBISHI.
In this guide there are instructions on the diagnosis systems 7 electronic engine control MITSUBISHI (distributed and direct injection), automatic transmission, ABS, air conditioner (AC), restraint system (SRS).
Described in detail 216 codes automotive Troubleshooting PO, P1. Flash, conditions of their occurrence and possible causes. Given connectors, and verification procedures signals at the terminals of the control units of different systems, Pin Data.
204 presents detailed wiring diagrams for different configuration options, description of checks of most items of electrical equipment.

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