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The Ламборгхини Авентадор Роадстер is a well пројектована version of one of the worlds maddest and baddest суперцарс. And it can do 217mph – with the ма'рооф довн. The Ламборгхини Авентадор Роадстер is the most extraordinary цар in the companys illustrous 50 година history, or so said the firm's charismatic chairman, Stephan Winkelmann, at the cars лаунцх in Miami last weekend. Its a bold claim, given вхатс been served уп previously by the famous old supercar макер from Sant'Agata – the Миура СВ and pretty much any version of the Countach are surely contenders. Then again, one look at the моћни Авентадор Роадстер ин тхе флесх tells you that it is indeed right up there with Lamborghinis most outrageous креације. It looks like the sort of цар Батман might drive on his day off, maybe when хес on holiday in Miami Beach...Донт for one moment think of the Роадстер as some kind of folly, however, or as a car that hasnt somehow been пројектована thoroughly for the job. Unlike the Мурциелаго Роадстер, which was something of an afterthought to be honest, the open-топ Авентадор is a standalone model in its own right. Its styling is unique, considerable care attention and having been employed to ensure it of a separate, more extrovert personality compared with the купе. And beneath its reptilian-like скин, while it shares its basic carbonfibre tub platform, 6. 5-litre В12 мотор and seven-спеед single-clutch gearbox with the цоупе, dynamically it is perhaps more impressive than the fixed head, reasons for well come to in a moment. Despite weighing some 50kg more than the цоупе, Ламборгхини claims the Роадстер can set exactly the same time around the number one handling коло at the Nardo тест фацилити in the hands of all its тест возачи. Had the ма'рооф simply been removed and various areas of the car not been redesigned to accommodate the one quarter decrease in stiffness, there is no way the Роадстер could achieve such basic спеед across the ground.
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Lamborghini Aventador Roadster first drive review-lamborghini-aventador-roadster-1_0-jpgLamborghini Aventador Roadster first drive review-lamborghini-aventador-roadster-2-jpgLamborghini Aventador Roadster first drive review-lamborghini-aventador-roadster-3_0-jpgLamborghini Aventador Roadster first drive review-lamborghini-aventador-roadster-4_0-jpg