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The tried and трустед Голф формула одликује again in the new seventh-генератион модел. People stopped in the street for this car. I had far less реакција in the new Мерцедес СЛ or Ауди RS4 this year, so it seems the Mk7 Волксваген Голф is a real head-turner.
On three different occasions while floating around the сцениц edges of Sardinia in it, putting a video together, passers-by stuck their head through the window and said, Nuovo Голф? Then they proceeded to talk some more in Italian, but since they werent редослед coffee or пизза, I couldnt understand them. Suffice to say that the hand waving and admiring noises suggested they were seriously impressed.
And rightly са. The new Голф is painfully well executed. Its bigger but упаљач, more efficient but faster, more heavily equipped but no more expensive.
Of course, it is still predictably evolutionary. Its a Голф, after all. But it does feel of the class above, at least in the maxed-out спец of our 1. 4 ТСИ GT тест сем. In particular, the optional еигхт-inch colour touchscreen, which цхула your hand movements before ыоуве even touched ит, gives the impression of a real, upmarket, извршни краљева finish.
It does things that only the Мерцедес С-класе &амп;амп; Цо would have done a couple of years ago, including offering a ви-фи хотспот in conjunction with your smartphone.
And if all that иос т enough to earn it acclaim, the powertrain certainly is. I played a game for a full сат where I tried to find the flaw in the fuel-saving cylinder deactivation технологија. I never managed to; it is almost irritatingly good. And the tech also serves to further improve refinement, which is a truly оутстандинг element of this car and another characteristic stolen from one or two classes above.
It доесн т стоп there. You get even прилагодљивог dampers on the Golf. It не transform the ride and handling, but I came away convinced that it is a good thing on a car used in such a broad variety of countries. What it не do is suddenly make the Golf hugely ентертаининг. I wasnt thrilled by its scintillating handling, more in аве capability of its overall.
So the Golf is still a little dull, but its less anodyne than it was. And it is even more faultlessly complete than I had expected – the Свисс Арми Книфе of everyday царс, with desirability, attainability, efficiency and оутстандинг refinement all wrapped up in a subtly sharper design.
You could almost resent Volkswagens relentless success – if only didnt it make such good царс.
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