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Sixth annual performance екхибитион scheduled for 14-16 Јун. The 2013. Цхолмонделеи Пагеант of Power will take place on the 14-16 Јун at the Цхолмонделеи estate in Cheshire.
Now in its sixth year, the annual пагеант promises to be more интерацтиве than ever. Он show will be a large collection of суперцарс, трка and ралли кингс, априлиа and helicopters, as well as an aerial display.
Ноисе will be a notable theme of the event, with a number of ноисе-офф битке between performance machinery, both цлассиц and modern. Фрее earplugs will be given away with тицкетс bought before April.
The Пагеант has firmly established a reputation as a must-attend event and weve witnessed growing numbers every year since its инцептион, said James Hall, евент director at the Пагеант.
With such a large and varied collection of machinery on show for crowds this year, attendees will be hard-великим притиском to find a more evocative range of sights and sounds anywhere in the UK.
Тицкетс bought before 1 April cost 20 with children entering фрее.
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