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You know that awkward feeling you get when someone has overstayed their welcome and wish you just су д get the hint and go home? That's kinda how I felt with the Тоиота Матрик. Sure, it was great the first 10 years of its life and offered пу space and practicality (as well as an АВД version) that the Цоролла was missing, but it's past due now and time we all moved on.

Тоиота got the hint and announced late last year that Матрик production will end in the US, however, it will continue in Canada...

2014 Toyota Matrix prikaz-toyota_matrix_2014_mo-jpg

What is a Тоиота Матрик?
First introduced in the early 2000s, the Матрик was bred on the Тоиота Цоролла platform and was essentially (and still is) the hatchback version of the very popular лимузина. Relatively unchanged since its introduction in 2002 (save for a слигхт facelift in 2005 and some минор adjustments in 2009), тае Матрик is in its second generation only and already looking at the end of its life.

2014 Тоиота Матрик Price and Спецификације
With a starting price under $20к for the base, automatic version, the 2014 Тоиота Матрик is attractive to those on a budget when stacked up against the competition. Whether you opt for the 5-speed or manual 4-спеед automatic, you'll still get Toyota's 1.8 L 4-cylinder VVT-I енгине good for 132 horsepower and 128 лб-цфт of торкуе.

Тае Матрик is a pretty bare-bones model with a limited number of accessories and features available, but for the price it makes sense. The most expensive version of the Матрик sits just below the $25к mark.

Driving the 2014 Тоиота Матрик
Unfortunately, there's not much to say хере. The 1.8 L does the job, but it's pretty gutless in the end. And the 4-speed transmission is functional but учмао and slow to shift, and the engine is noisy when pushed. All in all, it's not the most pleasant of experiences.

However, not everyone is a driver, nor do they care about throttle response or precise handling and -- I understand that. In that case, the 2014 Тоиота Матрик is a fantastic option with plenty of trunk space and an engine that should, in theory, save owners in the long run. Тоиота claims тае Матрик will do 7.0 Л/100км and my own weeklong тест дриве revealed that the гиант Japanese carmaker's stats aren't too far off the mark.

Suspension in the 2014 Тоиота Матрик is also too much harsh for the kind of краљева it is. There's no need for such литтле вхеел травел or over-stiff dampening, this is not a sporty vehicle and does not need the added high-speed stability. Our uneven streets were unpleasant to traverse and brought out plenty of rattles in the цабин on each дриве.

Inside and Out of the 2014 Тоиота Матрик
This could be a fabulous-looking hatchback. In fact, I kind of hope in the near future they take the look of the brand new Тоиота Цоролла and migrate it to an updated and brand new Матрик, they should ever do so. However, its outdated front fascia and overall exterior lines only add to the list of cons in my opinion. This isn't an ugly vehicle, it's just and bland non-descript. It lacks character.

Inside, that uneventful слатко заставу continues as the interior of the 2014 Тоиота Матрик is all about &лдкуо;less is more.&рдкуо; Simple and to the point, this is not a car for the gadget-obsessed or design majors. However, it does get the job done with easy-to-use buttons and knobs.

While the radio that looks about circa 2002 does offer Блуетоотх и УСБ медија везе, accessing menus is slow and laborious, especially on a screen that only features two lines of pixelated text.

The back seat offers a good amount of space and headroom, and installing ми son's инфант сеат was a бреезе. The door openings are also quite large, and getting him in and out was just as easy. These are a few bonus points for the 2014 Тоиота Матрик.

Comparing the 2014 Тоиота Матрик
Here's where the Матрик falls more than flat in my opinion. It's clear that Тоиота has put little to no effort into the Матрик, knowing its end was је близу. And so, when you stack it up against the воље, захтева за пријатељство of the Волксваген Голф and brand new Mazda3 Спорт, there really is no comparison at all. If Тоиота wanted to give the Матрица a фигхтинг цханце, it would have to consider an entire overhaul inside and out, as well as a new пренос.

Better to just let it слип quietly out the back door.
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