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Alfa Romeos Nowa architektura tylne koła i napęd na wszystkie koła jest puszczał pogłoskę zostać wywołana Giorgio.
Parent company Fiat-Chrysler plans to release full details on the automakers new strategy in its first-quarter results in May. It will be Alfa Romeos fourth revival plan since 2004. Alfa Romeos wznawiają will play a pivotal role in returning Fiats Dział motoryzacyjny rentowność w Europie do 2016 roku.

The brand was supposed to make a return to the U. S. this year, but has since been postponed to 2015. The new architecture is being developed by a small team of engineers based in Maseratis headquarters and is headed by Philippe Krief, who reports to Harald Wester, Fiat-Chrysler Dyrektor techniczny i CEO Alfa Romeo i Maserati.


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