Lexus RX200t, Lexus RX300, Lexus RX350, Lexus RX350L, Lexus RX450h since 2015 release. Device, maintenance and repair.

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The manual contains general information about the structure of Lexus RX 2001/300/350/350b/450bc 2015 cars, recommendations for operation and maintenance, a description of possible engine, transmission, chassis, steering, brake system malfunctions. The tips in this manual will help you carry out maintenance and repairs both at a service station and on your own.
Petrol engines: 2.0L (8AR-FTS), 3.5L (2GR-FKS), 3.5L (2GR-FXS)

The Lexus RX200t , RX300, RX350, RX350L and RX450h Repair Book is an incredibly comprehensive guide to performing repairs and maintenance on these popular Lexus models. It covers everything from basic maintenance to in-depth repairs, with detailed instructions and helpful diagrams. The book is well-written and easy to understand, making it great for both novices and experienced mechanics alike. The pictures and diagrams are very helpful in demonstrating the steps needed to complete a repair. The book also contains a comprehensive list of tools and parts necessary for each repair, making it easy to make sure you have everything you need before you start. Overall, this is an excellent guide for anyone looking to repair or maintain their Lexus RX series.

Release year: 2018
Genre: Device, maintenance and repair
ISBN: 978-617-577-142-6
Series: Golden Series
Format: PDF

Lexus RX200t, RX300, RX350, RX350L, RX450h maintenance and repair-autorepman_lexus_rx200t_rx300_rx350_rx350l_rx450h_maintenance_1-jpg Lexus RX200t, RX300, RX350, RX350L, RX450h maintenance and repair-autorepman_lexus_rx200t_rx300_rx350_rx350l_rx450h_maintenance_2-jpg

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