Lexus RX200t, Lexus RX300, Lexus RX350, Lexus RX350L, Lexus RX450h since 2015 release. Device, maintenance and repair.
The manual contains general information about the structure of Lexus PX 2001/300/350/350b/450bc 2015 cars, recommendations for operation and maintenance, a description of possible engine, transmission, chassis, steering, brake system malfunctions. The tips in this manual will help you carry out maintenance and repairs both at a service station and on your own.
Petrol engines: 2.0L (8AR-FTS), 3.5L (2GR-FKS), 3.5L (2GR-FXS)

Release year: 2018
Genre: Device, maintenance and repair
ISBN: 978-617-577-142-6
Series: Golden Series
Format: PDF

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