This book looks at the car as such, the principles of its mechanisms and systems, their main fault, and competent operation of individual units and of the entire vehicle. All cars in the world at 99 have the same construction and operate in the same physical laws. With this we are now and we will investigate. How does the engine (and how long it will work), why does the car actually moves (if the motor is under the hood, and the wheels are in a different place), the clutch will be a complex mechanism, and not just pedal
and it turns out finally that the carburetor and generator is not the same.

Name: a Tutorial on device car
Author: Zelenin, S. F., Molokov Century A.
Publisher: Rosaviatsia
Year: 2003
Pages: 80

Size: 14.1 Mb

This textbook is intended for aspiring drivers who have to pass the traffic police examinations to obtain the right to drive vehicles of categories "And", "In", "With" and "D" .
The manual sets out the conditions of admission to examinations, provides information about the rules of admission of the theoretical exam, and recommendations for successful delivery.

Title: the Exams in the traffic police. Categories A,B,C,D
Auto: C. F. Zelenin
Publisher: auto World of books
Release: 2007
Pages: 32

Size: 5.5 Mb

If You are going to get behind the wheel of a car, or have already started to drive a car, but it turns out not very well, then this book will become your indispensable assistant. It outlines the path of becoming a sensible driver, upon completion of which you can learn not only to properly control the vehicle, but most importantly - to think correctly on the road. If You have to take the exam in the traffic police, after studying and mastering the material of this book it will be just a light entertainment where You will pleasantly surprise the examiners of their successes.

Zelenin S. F. Tutorial on driving the car
Release date: 2006
Author: S. F. Zelenin
Publisher: LLC "Auto World of books"

Pages: 80
Size: 2.8 Mb

If you want to gain the necessary knowledge to pass the exams in the traffic police, and gaining the skills of safe driving, then you will really benefit from this CD.
The program "Rule of the road" contains the official text of the SDA with all the latest changes and additions and more than 200 color images. In the article "road Safety in the examination tickets and in life" the principles of safety in various situations: during normal driving and extreme driving conditions.
It also includes detailed answers to all questions in the exam paper on road safety.
In the article "Tutorial on driving the car out the stages of formation considered of a professional driver, passing which, you will learn not only how to properly work with my hands and feet, but also competently to think on the road.
In the article "a Tutorial on the structure of the car" discusses the purpose, design and operation of major components and systems of the vehicle, and information is given by the method of "from simple to complex". Therefore after studying this section, it is possible not only to answer the questions of examination cards on a vehicle breakdown, but also to identify and troubleshoot simple breakdown that will inevitably arise in the way.
The material presented on the disc, accompanied 756 illustrations.

In this disc includes the following books:
1. Melted the road of the Russian Federation.
2. Tutorial on driving the car.
3. Road safety in the examination tickets and in life.
4. The tutorial system of the vehicle.

SDA. Driving device and vehicle
© S. F. Zelenin, 2005
© V. A. Molokov, 2005
© Rosaviatsia", 2005.
© "Adept", 2005.

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