VAZ 21099 - a multimedia guide to repair and maintenance car.
Manual, maintenance and repair of cars VAZ gg. Hundreds of illustrations show the controls and separate phases of work. Topics quick and simple Troubleshooting, help in Troubleshooting. Electrical diagrams help to quickly detect faults in the electrical system and facilitate the installation of additional equipment. Here you will find information on repair: engine; power systems; exhaust; emissions; clutch; transmission; suspension; steering; brakes; wheels and tires; body; electrical equipment as well as recommendations for maintenance and diagnostics of electronic control systems. See diagnostic codes. A separate section is intended for acquaintance of the owner of the car with the management bodies, and methods of operation. The manual details the features of operation, construction and major modification of VAZ 21099. Recommendations for maintenance and repair. Great attention is paid to the care of your vehicle, the selection of tools, acquisition of spare parts. Typical malfunctions, their causes and methods of elimination. On the basis of information contained in the manual, the car owner can perform a repair of various complexity, without recourse to the service center and body shop. The guide is intended for employees of one HUNDRED and owners of the car VAZ 21099. Drawings, diagrams, tables. The Glossary. The color scheme of electrical equipment.

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