First presentation of the new generation Renault Logan 2 with its nice new appearance 2012-2013 took place at the Paris motor show. From the first moments of the presentation, the car has attracted the attention of the visitors of the show and a huge crowd of reporters.
The French car company Renault enables motorists to join the European quality of their cars, which for over three years, acquired a controlling stake in a small Romanian automaker Cottage.
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At the car Renault Logan 2 of the previous generation has established itself as a quality budget "workhorse," which came in the spirit and fans to leave the city and taxi drivers and fans of cars.
In the new budget updated version of the Renault Logan 2 got a nice shape massive compared with the previous grille has become a more pleasant rear and side parts. For grille installed fine black mesh, giving the car a little aggression. Pleasantly surprised by the new shape of the front headlights, which have a rectangular shape, and are the logical conclusion of the curved lines of the chrome grille. Fog lights are installed in the lower part of the bumper black plastic inserts.
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Official information about the new dimensions the manufacturer has not voiced, but visually you can see that they differ from the previous version of the Logan. But in spite of that beauty remained spacious, a little more was to be distinguished silhouette of the rear spoiler, and bloated wheel arches. At the bottom of the door appeared a punch, giving a hint of the car's sporting nature.
The dashboard of the new Franco-Romanian miracle has taken on a new shape, and now she presents in the form of three radial devices, locking wheel speeds, engine speed and other important characteristics of the car. The torpedo has been smooth transitions and is made of plastic, pleasant to the touch and has sufficient practicality. In the center console torpedoes space for a seven-inch touch display, which can be installed as an additional option. As in the Central part of the buttons for the climate control system, heated seats and Windows. New salon again returns the owner to think about sports twist car, which are accentuated with bright, quilted with white thread in the items of upholstery. However, the climate system and the large display is not provided in any of the now traditional three bundle Logan, but the manufacturer with pleasure implements your desire and install this equipment as an additional option.
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In the technical version of the new Renault Logan 2 acquired relatively large selection of power units this gasoline engine with turbine, just petrol and diesel engine of various sizes and capacities. For gear boxes will also be the opportunity as an option to install an automatic box, instead of the standard five-speed manual box.
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Most motorists are interested in the value of Renault Logan 2 second generation. At the moment, only know the price of this car in Europe, and it starts with the amount of 7700 euros for the basic package. The tentative emergence of a new car in the domestic market, and its value will be known closer to the end of 2012.