The Federal tax service on the initiative of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation is preparing for a large-scale campaign for the cancellation of the erroneous debts. To reset the counters FNS expects by the end of March 2012. As told in the Federal tax service of the Russian newspaper", the upcoming debt should not be confused with the tax Amnesty. In all cases that had already come to the bailiffs have to pay. Under the direct debit will get only those debts that came by mistake. Only the government intends to "forgive" the Russians 33 billion rubles. Most of them were 18 billion - are taxes. People who do not voluntarily appeared in the "black list" of the Federal tax service, and it has a population of 36 million people, to prove anything to anyone is not necessary. For the start of the campaign only need a special law, which is expected to be adopted in the next two months. But, as said Mikhail Mishustin, in 97% of cases of improper assessment of taxes is due to agencies that provide FNS their information. "Even if we have information that the taxpayer, for example, no car, and in the registry of vehicles in the traffic police it is, we still have to oblige that person to pay the transport tax". To deal with the flow of the so-called "dirty" data to tax authorities will help electronic technology. On the official website of the Federal tax service already has a "my account", where citizens can not only show their arrears of taxes, but also to announce that this payment had been calculated incorrectly. Tax service in this case is ready to mediate between the citizen and the Agency that had provided false information.