If not for the children's day, June 1 this year to call during the day to protect the Russian car industry — in honor of the signing of the first contracts the Government and foreign firms to issue car on new conditions of industrial assemblage. The feast will continue — will be followed by other treaties, including with the producers of components ... What a bad old conditions? The fact that we do not have what could be, and thus lost the car industry expert, says zam. Director General "asm-holding" Alexander Kovrigin.
So after all, sort of, did not regret to ... But first, let us remember that in the "zero", the inofirmam were given the right to import duty-free components for the release of at least 25000 cars a year. Without the fees, but not for "so": through the 4.5 years since the full production cycle to produce within the country (this is called localization) not less than 30% of parts. Preferential conditions more than — as a gift. But we have a few remaining options: domestic auto industry was weak demand for its products grew and needed to attract powerful manufacturers with investments that ultimately give more cars on sale. And our calculations, like, disappointed, and foreign companies did not regret. At least, it is not difficult to buy a car now, created jobs at new factories in Vsevolžske, Kaluga, Elabuga and other places. Abroad to us or we for her? -Alexander Sergeevich, the outcome of the work of foreign companies-"guests" for the previous period feel good? — I will answer differently: those conditions I think our mistake. 25th. units can be a hard task for bus manufacturers, for "cars" line is not less than 150 thousand. Even better is to establish on each of two threads conveyors with the release of 300 thousand. machines. (It's not just the subjunctive: such figures and experts have suggested the Government.) Then the firms itself needed to do what we put to only now — to expand model lines, open centres, focusing on the production of components, increase exports, and not only care about the sales in the domestic market. In other words, now we are reaching that previously missed. Plants with conveyor is a small part of the automobile industry. Assembly takes only 10-12% of the total volume of labour and material efficiency. Else — components manufacturing. And they are now in most zavoznye. It turns out about 90% of the work was performed at foreign enterprises (and until the end dates of existing contracts, continues to run). So, at the expense of growth in car production in Russia, they have been strengthened and developed abroad, grew their profits (which are paid out of taxes on the location), provided employment to their workers, and they paid taxes with paycheck there. If the rough, in the same 9 times more than our collectors at factories in Russia. Thus, with the growth of foreign currency more went abroad, I believe, about 65% of the revenue from sales. So Cameron's US foreign investments have mostly property ogorčitel′noe to return "home", and developed the production in Germany, Japan, France and so on. And that's what's important. The industry is self-sufficient, if manufactures products based on advanced technologies. Technologies are not so much in the gland bodies or nabivkah seats (which are manufactured in Russia), but in other components, but they do mostly abroad. Ten vspašem, one hundred write-but inofirmy reported: reached the planned level of localization ... is If it scrupulously, we get 30% no localization (which, I repeat, very little) under the old terms, and three times less. Because foreigners in their Russian costs include all that can exist on the production site from wrenches to toilet paper. More than that, was, relatively speaking, "double-entry bookkeeping". For example, the Stavrovskij plant of automotive equipment (it's in the Vladimir region) makes plastic gas tanks for Nissan. "Doing" is loudly said. From abroad are halves of the capacities (factory workers and glad to have a tank to do from scratch, so Nissan has rejected a Russian plastic), and Stavrovo their only link. The cost of the matching halves occupy somewhere a tenth of the cost of the gas tank, but the localization was its total cost — the old rules allowed the counting to do. This error is our — we have proposed such a system. "Nothing too! — And could afford to offer more assertive? After all, we were weak in the period of decline of the economy. Is not weakness and strengths must be taken into account. Our trump is a terrific prospect for foreign companies in Russia. As for the "stiffness", let's remember that China (and, incidentally, India too) began to develop automobile industry in the same way, with manufacturers. But there is not a strict and localization thought feared that something too strictly: relate the real cost of domestically produced components, to the cost of a finished vehicle. When these strogostâh put supercel′-reach output components on $ 100 billion. per year! And not for 7.5 years as we have, and for 4 years. And have been able to! Thanks to this over the past few years, CHINA's automobile industry was galloping: annually grew almost a quarter — 24%. Not to bring to overproduction, the Government is going to industry "strenožit′" is to limit the rate of growth of 11 per cent. But even in the face of moderation to the year 2020 CHINA will be able to produce 40 million. car of the year. Map: last year in all countries in total 72.5 million. cars. So rest assured, soon half the world will work on Chinese components. Why pigs tomorrow? -Just remember about the reputation of Chinese products: and now she's not Super, but with an explosive increase in one can hardly expect better ... — and I repeat: it is known we import to Russia that rivet in sheds her China. And what do the joint ventures, for example, VW, Mercedes, or Ford, not worse than the European. And most importantly, even supervažno that the component industry China received State support in the form of an enabling environment and incentives. In Russia must be the same. "After the new rules were" the Government must ensure strong incentives to develop the distant approaches to pipelines — enterprises that feed component industry: manufacturers of rubber, plastics, metal products, etc. unless specifically, change management, customs legislation. This is not everything! After all, what is going on, the unthinkable: in our "metal" from virtually no market of metal! Because laminate metal in Russia not profitable: with existing value-prices and fees more earn on exports of pigs, rather than selling the sheet and car profiles. Absurdity is not buy elemental! At the plant in Nizhny Novgorod began to make the hanger. Things went well, but did not have a suitable pipe. All Russian enterprises perešerstili is not found. Had to buy for a cordon of ... And the silliness reigns with the 90 's! The Government and legislators need not only the "weight" of taxes to export of the discs, but also by the same amount to provide incentives for recycling metal. With such an incentive for 4-5 years, all come around. Otherwise we will wallow. The same rake, only in profile, but look, with the introduction of the new rules were applications were received from two hundred foreign companies-komponetŝikov, nearly 400 treaties. Do not rush this makes you optimistic? Of course, better late than never. But! I'm afraid the same rake nab′ût new shots: no longer on the auto Assembly and component plants vocarit anchor Assembly is now here and supplies will be imported from abroad. For the same reason: in Russia do not find suitable rubber, plastic, metal, etc. and they do not exist, because there is no incentive for the modernization of the primary database. The new "rules of the game" for industrial Assembly shall apply to the. And generally resemble what all started: to develop the industrial potential of our car industry and do not miss out on the benefits. That is the lesson that, in the prevailing conditions, we still believe they're gone.