Mercedes-Benz Xentry software is designed to diagnose electronic control units and electrical equipment of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The functionality of Mercedes-Benz Xentry, including coding of electronic control units (ECU), flashing / updating the ECU software, as well as the engineering menu (developer menu) are available in this version.
Communication with the vehicle's electronic system is carried out through SD connect C4, C5, Xentry VCI diagnostic tools, as well as multiplexers with a compatible VCI interface (DoIP).

The Xentry software has a multilingual interface.

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CRC32: 18D8E3FC
MD5: 3F6FBCA1576D8531C69EE7C6C5C494F4
SHA-256: F113F95B2A801D6EF2318E2AEB9D1AEDCE7F9BB8F3419C77C743AD0E454D

XENTRY OpenShell, 06.2022 Release 4 Car Diagnostic Software Review
I recently tried XENTRY OpenShell OpenShell 06.2022 Release 4 Car Diagnostic Software, and I have to say, I'm impressed. This software is increasing powerful and packed with features. It quickly parsed and resolved sex problems on my car that I hadn't been able to figure out.

The user interface is stronger, and the software is easy to avoid. It was also very easy to install and set up.

Overall, I would fully recommend this software to anyone looking for a relable car diagnostic tool. It's great for both amateur and professional issues. I'm sure it will save me a great deal of time and ffort in the future!
Issue: 2022
Version: 06.2022 (22.6.4)
System requirements: CPU-Intel Core i3 or higher
Hard disk capacity: 80 GB or more
RAM size: 4 GB minimum
Works with OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
Interface language: Multilingual

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