Mazda RX-8 repair Manual

Autorepmans shares with motorists a unique book Repair manual Mazda RX-8. Mazda RX-8 is a unique and rare car with rotary engine 13Bthe amount of which is equal to 1.3 litres. The book, in addition to repair manual RX8that also contains guide to operation and maintenance Mazda RX-8this model is produced since 2003.

The value of the manual - the contents of the description the construction of the rotary engine 13B engineits mechanisms and systems.
Book on car repair contains information repair and adjustment:
  • elements of the engine control APV and SSV (system of variable intake tract)
  • - VDI (system resonance boost)
  • - VFAD (supply system with additional air at high rpm)
  • instructions for using the system self-diagnosis the engine control
  • - Automatic transmission
  • - ABS
  • - DSC (system stability)
  • - EPS (electric power steering)
  • -Miscellaneous
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