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BMW 5 series (1987-1998) - Manual repair. Rating: 5 from 5 , voters 1 users.
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    BMW 5 series (1987-1998) - Manual repair

    BMW 5 series (1987-1998) - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

    A reference guide repair Manual BMW 5 series and device maintenance manual and operation of the BMW 5 series (518i, 520i, 525i, 530i, 535i, its 524td, 525td, 525tds) Limousine / Touring, 1987-1995 model years, equipped with both gasoline and diesel engines. The book describes models with the following engine types:

    518i 1.8 l/ 83 kW (113 HP) 01.93?08.94

    518i 1.8 l/85 kW (115 PS) with 09.94

    520i 2.0 l/ 95 kW (129 HP) 09.87?04.90

    520i 2.0 l./110 kW (150 HP) with 05.90

    525i is 2.5 l/ 125 kW (170 HP) 09.87?04/90

    525i 2.5 l/141 kW (192 PS) with 05.90

    530i 3,0 HP/ 138 kW (188 HP) 09.87?08.90

    535i 3,5 l/ 155 kW (211 HP) 09.87?08.92

    Diesel engines:

    Its 524td 2.4 l/ 85 kW (115 HP) 09.87?08.90

    525td 2.5 l/85 kW (115 PS) with 04.93

    525tds 2.5 l/105 kW (143 PS) 09.90

    The book contains information required for the repair of all components and assemblies of a car: engine, fuel system, exhaust, clutch, transmission, steering, brake system, tires, body, electrical, accessories.

    The guide contains more than 600 illustrations, recommendations, maintenance, Troubleshooting, circuit diagrams (diagrams of equipment) BMW 5 serie.

    The publication is intended for the owners of the car BMW 5-series, mechanics, service stations and garages.

    Release: 1998

    Author: B. Ètcol′d

    Publisher: ?Alfamer Publishing?

    ISBN: 5-88957-039-0 / DjVu (fully recognized), DOC

    Quality: recognized text (OCR)

    Number of pages: 228

    BMW 5 series (1987-1998) - Manual repair-prnscr1-jpg BMW 5 series (1987-1998) - Manual repair-prnscr2-jpg

    Repair manual BMW 5 series on AutoRepManS:

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