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Thread: BMW X 3 manual

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    Guide to car repair and maintenance of BMW X 3.

    BMW x 3-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
    Manual BMW X 3 series E83 2006 model year.
    The manual contains important instructions for the operation of the vehicle BMW X3 series of different configuration options.
    1. Main technical characteristics of the models in this series.
    2. The manual preparation kit for mobile phone. Contains information about the registration and use of mobile phone in the car.
    3. The manual of the radio. Description the radio and all its functions.
    4. Manual on-Board monitor. Description on-Board monitor, function computer, navigation system, radio, television, telephone, etc..
    BMX304GBBTR1 xDrive Passive safety system Transmission Chassis Car in General.

    Year: 2006
    Number of pages: 138
    Size: 23.04 Mb

    Download repair Manual BMW X3 on AutoRepManS:

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    links to familiarize yourself with the Service Manual BMW X 3 upgraded in the first message of the topic


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