Audi 100 Avant 1990 with-/repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
This publication is an authorized translation of the original German edition of the Audi 100 Avant/ab December 90 ohne diesel ".
The book is a guide for operation, maintenance and repair of car Audi 100 with petrol engines, manufactured since December 1990 year. This guide is intended for auto-service employees and motorists, regardless of the degree of preparedness.
The guide describes the technical characteristics of the basic units and systems of the car. Pooperacionno is the sequence of disassembly and Assembly of components and assemblies with the refinement of the features work, security measures, measurement of the required parameters and advice to motorists who prefer independent repair. At the end of each chapter are lists of possible malfunctions, their causes and methods of their elimination. Description of faults are accompanied by tips to help avoid breakdowns and prolong its trouble-free operation. The last chapter contains a map troubleshooting and schedule regular maintenance.

Language: English
Format: pdf
Size: 19.74 Mb

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