Repair manual and maintenance of a car AUDI 80, 90, B4 (1986-1991) petrol and diesel.
A huge number of illustrations show the stages of repairs and maintenance for the car. The guide contains information on the engine repairs, auto, power supply system, exhaust system, clutch, transmission, steering, braking systems and other things. A separate section of the manual is the instruction manual Audi 80, 90.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 50.53 MB

Audi 80, 90, B4 (1986-1991) руководство по ремонту-prscr1-jpg Audi 80, 90, B4 (1986-1991) руководство по ремонту-prscr2-jpg Audi 80, 90, B4 (1986-1991) руководство по ремонту-prscr3-jpg

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