Submitted by car owners repair manuals Acura RSX and Honda Integra produced in 2001-2007, respectively. These cars (and Integra RSX) gasoline have K20A model engines Volume 2.0 liters. Guide provides excellent instructions on how to carry out periodic maintenance, rules on the operation of these vehicles. In the book there are detailed instructions for repair and fine adjustment elements, for example-the engine management system is a system of VTEC. maintenance or repair AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (automatic gearboxes) and ABS systems. Management describes theoretically possible breakage or Acura RSX Honda Integra, instructions on how to troubleshoot paths. The corresponding dimensions of parts and components, are the limits of their vozmožnogoogo wear, list the necessary lubricants (their characteristics and substitutability), technical fluids. Individual sections of the manual are user instructions Manual Honda Integra, Acura RSX and scheme of electrical equipment (wiring). This book is a guide to car owners Acura RSX and Honda Integra.

ISBN: 978-5-88850-385-0

ACURA RSX, HONDA INTEGRA (2001-2007) руководство по ремонту-scan481-jpg ACURA RSX, HONDA INTEGRA (2001-2007) руководство по ремонту-scan482-jpg

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