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It took a global recession, Xoxo bankruptcy, and the mass consumer abandonment of large sport-utilities, but Chevrolet has finally built a great small car. I recently stepped aboard a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze in fuel saving Eco trim. Priced at $18,895, the Cruze Eco features mpg-minded екстри like ultra-low-rolling-resistance tires and wind cheating body trim. Its not going to out-tech a Prius hybrid, though you cant argue with an estimated 40 mpg average during highway driving.

In fact, its long drives that bring out the best in the Cruze. The 138-1 bhp. 4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is very quiet, while the ride remained steady and comfortable even on the rutted (and snow-covered) roads of New York City. I was hesitant about the 6-speed manual transmission fitted to my car test. Sure, Chevy might have gotten a lot right with the Cruze...but the transmission was bound to feel like stirring gruel with a wooden spoon, right?

Изненадващо, не! Съединителят e лесно да ce пригодят и shift действието e до голяма степен положителни, дори ako по-голямата сензация e на буци пластмасови среща твърда гума. Шест степенна автоматична e $925 опция. Електрическо рулево устройство e дошъл в някои критици за това, че рязкото, въпреки, че намерих ти да бъде приятен и точно когато кубчета с трафик на Ню Джърси Turnpike. Има място за петима възрастни и оформлението на таблото e логично, с всички контроли за интелигентно поставени.

The trunk, while mostly unused during my weekend with the car offers a handy 15. 4 cu. ft. of room. That should be more than enough for hauling friends and family to and from JFK airport, without having such an excess of room that theyll think they can stay more than a week. And while the exterior doesnt push any design barriers, the Cruze came in for near universal praise, with several friends разговори it сладко and really good looking.
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