All-елецтриц цити краљева joins специјални Хот Вхеелс Цамаро on Chevrolet's show standThe Цхевролет Спарк ЕВ, a plug-in version of the companys Спарк цити краљева, will be officially unveiled at the Los Angeles motor show this month.
The Спарк ЕБ is expected to utilise a lithium-ion battery pack mounted under the rear seats, which will power an 85kW (114bhp) електрични мотор.
Also being launched is an advanced version of Chevrolets MyLink infotainment system, with improved смартпхоне integration. It will first make an appearance on the US-only 2014 Импала салоон.
The Спарк ЕБ and next-generation MyLink demonstrate Chevrolets commitment to delivering the advanced technologies that todays consumers will be eager to адопт and truly value, said Chris Perry, vice president of Global Цхевролет маркетинг.
Joining the Спарк ЕБ on the Цхевролет стд will be the Импала, and a Хот Вхеелс Цамаро феатуринг a специјални interior and paint finish.

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