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This is not taught in driving school

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    Лампочка This is not taught in driving school

    These tips are specific, and is not collected anywhere in the same text.
    Of truths, like "do not break the speed limit and not get behind the wheel drunk", not here. And so it is understandable.
    On the road, anything can happen, and perhaps these tips will help save time/health/life.
    1. The track, turn left. You stand and let oncoming cars. Do NOT remove in advance the wheel to the left. Kick back and you corpse under the truck. Keep the wheel straight.

    2. You grabbed the side of the road or snow Brewster left(for example, near the dividing Avenue) or the right(curb). Kill yourself in the instinct to pull the wheel in the opposite direction. Death grip steering, without changing the position of the foot on the gas pedal to compensate for the pulling to one side. The car will lose speed and get back on the road. No need to try, whatever it was, to strive on the road, you will dramatically throw in the opposite direction.

    3. Be careful when passing protracted turns on the INNER radius (internal, external counter). If the oncoming car, passing by the outer radius will begin to slide, it will not go into the ditch, and in 90% of cases, after a convulsive movements of the oncoming driver, it will fly you in the forehead. Mistakenly more afraid of oncoming cars passing on the inside radius, as a rule, their skid ends on the roadside.(in the end full video) Although anything can happen. Careful on long. If you in the forehead flying car, then the best solution is to ditch.

    4. When rebuilt, then accelerate!

    5. Not like "neytralke You lose the ability to accelerate and brake is not always the way to go. (You can get the sled cost.... with your car)

    6. Do not brake in the turn. In turn only controlled acceleration.

    7. Always leave a spare variant. For example, doubt overtaking, go to the "opposite", and taxis back until you are 100% sure what to overtake you. And if that, then go back to your lane.

    8. Making chess overtaking on the track and stretching out into the flow of quench rate on the wrong side. One of the most common mistakes when overtaking a convoy at a considerable speed, the driver, seeing that no time, begins to cut into his lane and at the same time very slow. And there kolanoski.. and this "meat" begins..... There's a lot of cars, and it dragged. Again EQUALIZE the SPEED on the wrong side! Time as well, but 1000 times safer!

    9. If you see that the oncoming car does not have time to overtake, turn right "knob" and to hug the sidelines in ADVANCE. Do not flash your headlights, there may be people's first day behind the wheel.

    10. If the car blows/records act firmly and smoothly with no fuss. The process does not develop instantly and accordingly does not like sudden and convulsive movements. (and what drive do written not once) And learn what the drift and drift and what actions should be taken on different drives. Hopeless situation, only one is skidding on the front drive on the descent, in other cases it can be corrected.

    11. Not superfluous will find a large flat area and try your car in extreme braking and acceleration. Swing, feel the limit. Anything with your car is not going to happen.

    12. Do not rely on a system of exchange rate stabilization in the rain. If you fail, and you will float (aquaplaning effect), the system will NOT help you. She simply doesn't understand what's happening. Do not rely on it. She sure thing! And will help in most cases, the electronics are not perfect.

    13. If the car "antiboss" not tied to one button with the system of exchange rate stabilization, turn it off. He always harmful!(single drive) Especially if you're going to get with a jump-start intersection. The start is not so sharp))

    14. If you're with the wind flying on the port number, and the "opposite" tube, each auto you can expect a fun bomber in the form of a pedestrian, for which, - "look ka, all standing, go to the track, go, beer to buy to top

    15. You are flying on the left and the right of all standing or slowly go? They're idiots. Miss Walker. He will gladly smash your head your windshield. Che is really there. You will otsadite couple of years, and he dies. Incomparable loss! The humor in paragraph 14 and 15 black. And one conclusion. The pedestrian is always right and human life is most important. From mistakes no one is safe, but be careful!

    16. On the side of the person with children, or children. Brake. No options. WAIT. Saw once with your own eyes. Flair helped me. And the neighbors on the thread there. 4 years old. The little girl. And her grandmother was holding the handle. You know, as little children running around? Awkwardly, hands shaking, all relatives home from touched by this. That's so weird, right under VAZ 2109. An ambulance was called. Rescued!!!

    17. Animals on the road or unexpected obstacles in the form of wheels, bags, etc. with the experience, but on the days hard dog. (60 km/h empty middle lane on the Avenue of the 3 bands, the dog ran out of the darkness at full speed to intercept. It is not difficult to calculate that the time response of less than 0.5 seconds, that is, without options.). Caused MES, what would the bumper pulled out. Reviewed the video recording of the Registrar. Without a chance. I had no choice. Not even slowed. Sorry for the dog, but rushed straight under the wheels. What I'm.. Keep your cool. Before you save pinku, make sure that it is not "esatate" a couple of posts, a neighboring car, and pedestrians on the roadside. And the doggie fun run on, and you... Yes I saw a video recently where he saved a dog of her own life.

    18. The whole reason for the speed. Show me the accident, about which it is impossible to say - " Damn, was going a bit slower, and nothing would have happened!" (Exotic, type forgot the handbrake to put, do not count)
    Careful on the roads. Continue the theme and share the experience!

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    Very useful article,everything in substance. It is written clearly and to the point. Indeed,it has been observed that this is not exactly teach one instructor. As for me,they sit there only to inspire fear in the already frightened,only to novice motorists.


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