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Crash test Tesla electric car S

Crash test Tesla electric car S. Rating: from 5 , voters 0 users.

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    Crash test Tesla electric car S

    National administration of road safety in the USA (NHTSA) awarded the highest rating is 5 stars electric car Model S production company Tesla Motors in all categories of testing. This model showed the absolute best result for all time to conduct such tests, although they must pass each model offered for sale in the USA.

    Although the Tesla Model S is available in the sedan, but its score is higher than all SUVs and minivans. In the detailed test results are sent to the manufacturers specified final result 5.4.

    The graph shows the statistical indicator of the relative risk (Relative Risk Score RRS) for the Tesla model S compared to other cars on the standard NHTSA 2011.

    In the testing process took into account the probability of obtaining a driver and passenger injuries in frontal and side collision, and the rear impact and the coup.

    Specialists of the company Tesla Motors explain that such a high security due to the natural properties of the structure of the electric vehicle. There is no big tank with fuel, so I had to make a longer crumple zones to absorb energy upon impact at high speed. Motor vehicle with a diameter of 30 centimeters differs from the huge engines petrol cars that turn into deadly iron core, pulverizing the bones of people in a collision and the flattening of the body. Moreover, the motor is located closer to the rear axle and has a little chance to get in any collision. Hood Tesla S is used as an additional boot.

    The Model S Sedan

    Model S showed an excellent result and one of the most difficult tests for side impact. According to the results of crash tests sedan has maintained, on average, 63.5 per cent of the volume of the driver's space in the cabin. For comparison, another "pyatizvezdochny" and one of the safest cars Volvo S60 saves only 7.8% of the volume space. This is because the company Tesla Motors has strengthened the body numerous aluminum extrusions on the side rails to absorb the energy of collision. By the way, the same principle was used in the lunar module of Apollo, made for landing on the lunar surface.

    Test for side impact

    Of particular note is the crash test on a rear impact. The thing is that when installing the third row seats with child seats company Tesla Motors enforces additional double bumper. Seats child seats is the safest place in the car at the front and side impacts.

    Model S was about 50% better than all other cars in the tests of the coup. Specialists of the National security administration's traffic has experienced some problems with this test. Because of the established across the bottom of the heavy batteries and low centre of gravity sedan refused to roll over, when it was used the usual methods.

    The team was not able to achieve ignition of the lithium-ion battery Model S under any realistic conditions.

    Interestingly, during the test down on the roof of the Model S broke a test press, according to the company Tesla Motors. Failure occurred when simulating overload just over 4G.

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    So much heard and read about this electric car and still have some doubts. Very good results and like the machine itself is not bad,but something does not inspire confidence the model of the car. All the same, for our roads, it will not work,that's what crash test needed.


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