Recently, TRAFFIC POLICE of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg began to receive complaints on flashers, but for the country as a whole, the cops don't notice signals the public. In Novosibirsk the videotaping violations take refuse taking in the Russian capital, but are forced to spend a half-day bureaucratic delays. The exception is St. Petersburg's inspectors, who themselves are called car owners shoot violations. And in Kazan, on the contrary, the cases of fabricating the fighters with violators. The Court of Maskouski district khoroshevo-Mnevniki again postponed consideration of the case against the driver of the presidential administration Nikolai Šul′ginova. Now the meeting is to be held 27 October, reported on the website of Blue buckets. As we have informed, 9 September Šul′ginov driving performance BMW with flashing lights not divided the MKAD from activist Society Blue buckets by Ivan Kuznetsov fond with fists on the guy. Ivan wrote a statement in court and in the TRAFFIC POLICE Department. And if it were not for the support of the activists, the case would not come to court. Nikolai Šul′ginov did not appear to present him with a copy of the statement and explanation of his procedural rights, without which the judge could not assign a date for the trial. Therefore the name of the Manager of the property management Department of the President Vladimir Kozhin through site offices activists sent several dozens of messages to ensure the attendance of Šul′ginova. After that he came. A few years ago in such a case, the law enforcement authorities have not taken even a statement, told Coordinator of the Society Blue buckets Petr Shkumatov. According to one man, he too a couple of years ago missed the MKADe machine with special signals. Those who came out from the smashed glass, dragged him from the car and beaten. The police statement did not take steel and only bred hands. And if not storm the site the property management Department of the President, the TRAFFIC POLICE still will not respond to allegations of violations of the baubles. A typical example, activists Blue buckets remove the offending machine several photos and video and write a statement in the TRAFFIC POLICE. In response, the policemen always forget about cars series AMR and EKH, and about the other report that their owners ticketed. For the year, motorists are sent in GIBDD Russia about 30 thousand. such materials, most of which are both Russian capitals. Nehotno accept latters can't find any faults, and in cities of the country and did not adequately respond to sotrudčničestvo with drivers. Russian police officers, for example, refuse to take videos, justifying its non-Russian kazënym language: «videography, produced on the DVR, not having the certificate of verification, as well as carried out by an unauthorized person, would not constitute a reason for institution of proceedings on administrative offence "-the Devil's leg break, dismantling such scribblings. President of the College of legal protection Victot Travin called such explanation of the highest degree of idiocy. According to Travina: Calibration (it holds the State Metrology service) is needed only for devices that provide quantitative indicators, for example, measure the speed or the contents of the carbonic gasses. Camera doesn't measure anything, but simply captures the image. But according to the code of administrative offences message physical person can give rise to a prima facie case. Six months ago in Moscow traffic police responded to reports of drivers such idiotic letters now got off the dead point, but applicants for nothing in muryžat half forcing Office write a lot of papers. According to Peter Škumatova, the employee spends on one statement one or two working days. The level of automation of the TRAFFIC POLICE is a level of Tsarist Russia. The only modernization lies in the fact that they don't write pen goose protocols, and ballpoint pen». Only in St. Petersburg guards regularly work together with motorists. Any entries Petersburg drivers send traffic police and not ispisyvayut this heap of papers. E-mail activists answered that the offender was fined. But often the relationship with the police can be hostile. Kazan activist Federation of automobile owners of Russia Dmitry Zolotov the court was deprived of the rights on July 28. Now he was left to endure a little more than three months. Before he was deprived of the right to travel without rules of local officials. January 18, Dmitry was driving down the street Daurian and saw many familiar Kazan picture: the traffic police have put your car under the sign of "Stop Smoking" and blocked the traffic at the crossroads for travel VIP cars. Dmitry filmed them at work and sent the video along with a statement to the Prosecutor's office of Kazan. The Prosecutor's office decided that the law "On state protection" overlap of motion is only possible to ensure the safety of the heads and members of foreign governments located on the territory of Russia. Officials of the Republic and the city are not included in the scope of persons subject to protection. Therefore, the Prosecutor's office demanded that the Minister of internal Affairs of Tatarstan Asgat Safarov to prosecute persons who have violated the law. Since then, as he, the traffic police no longer block a few streets for 10-15 minutes, as before. They cover only half of the route, and only three minutes. Kazan activists believe that Dmitry Zolotov deprived of the rights of revenge. 18 April 2011 he again drove down the street Daur. As said Dmitri, he stopped to ask the inspector how to get to the stadium. The inspector drew attention to the fact that the car Dmitry dirty rooms. "It was April, the dirt on the rooms was, but unreadable they were not," said Dmitry. Then the inspector asked him the documents for verification and left with them for an hour and a half. When he returned, the inspector had removed the signs and was told that Dmitry is threatened with article "management of a vehicle with obviously false state registration signs." In determining the Privolzhskiy district court of Kazan the incident described. The inspectors "checking the documents on the car, saw the differences between the state registration sign, installed on the machine and specified in the certificate of registration. Chairman of the Federation of Russian motorists Sergei Kanayev said that the traffic police is targeting activists in many regions of Russia. Source: og. EN