Land Rover Association magazine "National Geographic Russia" organized a unique open-air photo exhibition: "Russia-life as opening".
We were lucky to be born in the wonderful country lying on two continents, in which there are: rivers and oceans, tundra and deserts, plains and mountains, permafrost and subtropics. We are accustomed to this and often pass by without noticing this fantastic beauty. The most famous Russian National Geographic photographers Andrew Kamnev, Sergey Gorshkov, Oleksandr Zheleznyak will help everyone see the diversity of the country. The whole exhibition is dedicated to the beauty of Russian nature, its flora and fauna, as well as the lives and welfare of the peoples of Russia. The exhibition more than 30 booths and more than 50 photos and Exposition is located on tverskoy Boulevard, began on the side of Tverskaya Street. The exhibition will be able to visit anyone, at any time of the day from 15 August to September 15, 2011 year, admission is free. During the years of presence in the Russian market of Land Rover established itself as an active brand, offering their own vibrant activities and campaigns, as well as an active policy in support of cultural and sporting events, activities in the field of ecology and environmental protection. This project aims to promote and develop tourism in Russia.