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Repair manual Mitsubishi L200 2007

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    Repair manual Mitsubishi L200 2007

    The book "Service Manual Mitsubishi L200" is a guide for the operation and maintenance of Mitsubishi and describes device for cars Mitsubishi L200 issued since 2007 year. Mitsubishi L200 equipped diesel engines 4D56 volume of 2.5 liters and 4 d 56.

    The main sections of the book - workshop Manual Mitsubishi L200:

    Detailed contents of the book - workshop Manual Mitsubishi L200:
    The description of the car
    Vehicle identification
    Controls, instrument panel, and instrumentation
    The instrument cluster
    Control and emergency lights
    Control the indicator lights in the instrument cluster
    Indicator lights, warning of faults
    Mnogoruky display
    Management bodies
    Combination switch low beam headlight
    Concealer headlights
    Stalk turn signal switch
    The hazard switch
    Switches for fog lights and lamps
    Switch wiper and washer
    Switch for heated rear window
    Alarm switch
    Ignition lock
    Electronic immobilizer
    System remote control door locks
    Central locking
    Electric sunroof
    Sun screen
    Rear-view mirrors
    The filler cap of the fuel tank
    Parking (hand) brake
    Angle adjustment tilt steering column
    Salon equipment
    The system of ventilation, heating and air conditioning
    The scheme of distribution of air streams in salon of the car
    Panel control heater and air conditioning with manual control
    Panel control air conditioning with automatic control
    Rapid heating of the passenger compartment
    Proper operation
    Audio System
    Comfort items in the car
    Sun visors
    The Cigarette Lighter
    Power outlet
    Interior lighting
    Technical characteristics of the car
    The geometric and weight parameters
    Mounting dimensions mounting hitch
    General recommendations for the carrying out of works for maintenance and car repairs
    Maintenance intervals
    Check and adjust in the engine compartment
    Cooling system
    Check and replace filter element air filter
    Check levels of brake fluid in the reservoir and GTZ in the tank clutch master cylinder
    Replacing brake fluid and removing air from a hydraulic drive of brakes
    Check the level and density of electrolyte in a battery
    Replacing the fuel filter
    The removal of air from the fuel lines
    The removal of water from the fuel filter
    Check under car
    Inspection items the front and rear suspensions
    Check condition of ball bearings
    Examination of the anthers
    Lubrication of universal joints of cardan shafts
    Check the status of anther drive shafts
    Checked steering
    Check oil level in manual transmission and transfer case (4УЛЭ)
    Change oil in manual transmission and transfer case
    Check the oil level in the crankcase of a reducer of the front and rear axle
    Changing the oil in the crankcase of the gearbox front and rear axle
    Check exhaust system FROM
    Inside the car
    Check free play of clutch pedals and brake
    Checking and adjusting the stroke of the lever or pull the Parking brake
    Outside the car
    Control of the uniformity of tire wear
    The convergence of wheels
    The corners of Rusala wheels, the angle of the longitudinal tilt axes rotation wheels, agripolicy of inclination of the axes of rotation of the wheels
    Check hub bearings for front and rear wheels
    Check brake pipes for brake fluid leaks
    Check brake pipe and brake discs
    Check condition of fuel lines
    Work carried out when the engine is warm
    Check fluid level in automatic transmission
    Samdo engine oil
    Rightmove clearances in the valve train

    General information
    Removing and installing the power unit
    Support of the power unit
    Engine repair
    The mechanical part of the engine
    Parameters to be checked (alignment) during repair or maintenance (during maintenance)
    Drive belts and timing belts
    The belts and the pulley of the accessory drive mechanisms
    Removing and installing the timing belt
    The cylinder head
    Removing and installing valve cover
    Removing and installing the cylinder head (replacement pads)
    Withdrawal MCC
    Install the cylinder head
    Disassembly and Assembly of cylinder head
    Removing and installing camshafts
    Disassembly and Assembly valve
    Repairs and replacement of components valve train
    The lower part of the engine
    Oil pump, balancer gear and oil pan
    Šatunno-piston group
    The engine block and crankshaft
    Removal and installation of elements of the engine block
    Replacing the seals on the crankshaft
    Fuel supply system
    Layout of fuel system components and the car
    The block diagram of the feed system and fuel injection
    Removing and installing fuel tank
    Disassembly and Assembly of receiver-the measuring unit of the fuel tank
    Removal and installation of elements of system of fuel delivery
    Filter Assembly replacement fuel filter

    The functions of the engine control
    Control system components
    The electronic engine control unit (BUD)

    General information
    Manual 5 speed gearbox and transfer box
    Design R5MB1 manual gearbox with four-wheel drive type-Easy select-
    Design R5MB1 manual gearbox with four-wheel drive type-Super select"
    Design R5MB1 manual gearbox (2WD)
    System of all-wheel drive (4WD)
    The drive system 4WD Easy select*
    Description and principle of operation
    The drive system 4WD -Super select*
    Description and principle of operation
    Removing and installing drive wykluczenia clutch
    Disassembly and Assembly clutch master cylinder
    Installation of the mechanism of deenergizing of clutch
    Removing and installing 5 speed manual the gearbox
    Removing and installing drive shafts
    Disassembly and Assembly of propeller shafts
    Disassembly and Assembly of mechanical the gearbox
    Transfer case all-wheel drive system -Easy select"
    Transfer case all-wheel drive system Super select

    The front-wheel drive
    Control and adjustment parameters
    The front wheel hub (2WD)
    The front wheel hub (4WD)
    Drive shafts Assembly, removing and installing
    Drive shafts disassembly and Assembly
    The inner shaft Assembly
    The inner shaft
    Disassembly and Assembly of the inner shaft
    Differential case and drive off, prwora was provodnikova from the differential
    Disassembly and Assembly of the mechanism off of the drive prwora valot differential
    The front axle differential Assembly
    The front axle differential Assembly
    Rear wheel drive
    Specifications and description of design
    Rear axle Assembly
    Especially the disassembly and Assembly of rear axle
    Removal and installation of semiaxes
    Disassembly and Assembly axle shaft
    The differential lock the rear axle (4WD)
    Disassembly of the rear-axle differential with locking mechanism
    Disassembly of the rear axle without locking mechanism
    The Assembly of the rear axle without locking mechanism
    Assembly of rear-axle differential with locking mechanism
    The mechanism of blocking of differential of the rear bridge
    Rims and tires
    Technical characteristics
    Suspension front wheel
    Front suspension vehicles with rear-wheel drive (2WD)
    Front suspension vehicles with all-wheel drive (4WD)
    The upper arm
    Shock Absorber
    Lower control arm
    Sway bar
    Rear wheel suspension
    Disassembly and Assembly suspension rear wheels

    Specifications and description of design
    Control and adjustment parameters
    Steering column
    Disassembly of the steering column shaft
    Steering wheel
    Removing and installing steering gear Assembly
    Oil pump power steering
    Disassembly oil pump power steering
    The hoses in the steering system

    THE brake system
    Check brake booster
    The vent
    Test and adjust regulator spring brake force on the rear wheels (car without ABS)
    Check the operation of the control valve of the braking force of the rear wheels in relation to the mass (LSPV) (vehicles without ABS)
    Check and replace brake pads front brake
    Checking disc brake rotor
    Check the thickness of brake disc
    Check the plane of the front brake discs and resultslove
    Check toldmy the loser back brake pads
    Check inner diameter of drum brake
    Check contact surface of the brake drum and lining
    Removing and installing brake pedal
    Check brake light switch
    Mechanical and hydraulic parts of the brake system
    General information
    Braking system
    Repair of mechanical and hydraulic parts of the brake system
    Removing and installing brake booster
    Disassembly and Assembly master cylinder
    Removing and installing valve tzh dosage depending on weight (LSPV) (only in vehicles without ABS)
    Removing and installing front brake discs
    Removing brake disc
    Checking the braking force
    Disassembly and Assembly front disc brake
    Removing and installing rear drum brakes
    Disassembly and Assembly master cylinder rear drum brake
    Antilock braking system
    General information
    Controls system A8S
    The block diagram of the ABS system
    Warning indicator ABS
    Electronic-hydraulic unit
    Pressure control TJ with ABS
    The pressure control system EBD TJ
    Self test at power sazegara
    Self-test when switching on the ABS system
    Constant self diagnosis
    The function of safe mode
    General information
    The placement of the elements of the system
    Connection diagram
    Indicators, electronic stability
    Unit ASTC-ECU
    The principle of operation of the system of active stability control (AC)
    The principle of operation system active stability control (ATC)
    Function safe mode and diagnostics
    Sensor, acceleration and yaw
    Removing and installing steering wheel
    Removing and installing airbag front passenger
    Removing and installing the driver airbag and rotating pin joints

    The elements of the body SINGLE CAB
    The elements of the body CLUB CAB
    Body parts DOUBLE CAB
    The scheme of fastening of the cabin and the cargo compartment to the frame
    The hood adjustment
    Installation diagram of components of the front bumper and its mounting
    Scheme of the Assembly and installation of the rear bumper
    Protective tray
    The scheme of mounting the front wing
    Scheme of fastening of the fuel filler flap tank
    Scheme of fastening of side steps
    The scheme of the instrument panel
    Veneer ceiling
    Scheme cladding panels interior
    Diagram of the middle panel
    Facing panel of the front door
    Lining panel rear door
    The scheme of fastening the front door
    Diagram for rear door mounting
    Diagram of the elements of the locking front door
    Element schema locking rear door
    Scheme of installation of glass & power Windows front and rear doors
    Rear window with electric window regulator
    The tailgate
    Lock drop side
    Adjustment of the headlights
    Front fog lamp
    Tail light
    Rear fog light
    Rear illumination license plate
    Control the size of the elements of the body
    Control the dimensions of the frame
    Control cabin size
    Control the size of the cargo compartment
    The symbols used in the text and figures
    Explanation of electrical circuits
    Connectors and connection points to ground
    Marking of wires
    Abbreviations and names used in the diagrams

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