Public static function we've seen not one služivyj sports, public static function built jointly by the Association of German tuners (VDAT) in conjunction with the police and the Ministry of transport of Germany. And still wondering — at the Essen Motorshow debut police Chevrolet Corvette that will catch on German roads most of the bad boys.
Speed will provide 6.2-liter V8 under the 470 forces, coupled with the 7-speed DSG (apparently, pilots will select experienced). I.e. crackdown from 0 to hundreds for 4 with coppers seconds and under 300 km/h maximum speed — try to get away from this.

Well, coolness and fear putting police lighting from Hella, 19-and 21-inch forged wheels plus a dollop of nehilaâ carbon in obvese and archs — Chevy all this to a person. By the way, it seems to us, or call transport really dropnutyj is zero?