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Cummins Power Generation QuickServe DVD 2017

Presented at AutoRepMans regular electronic parts catalog and spare parts for generators Cummins . And guidelines on diagnosis, service and repair generators Cummins.

The installation of the catalog of spare parts Cummins:
[HIDE-REPLY]1. To mount the disk image file "Image.iso".
2. Run the file... [Read more]

The repair manual V6: 6G72, 6G73, 6G74, 6A12, 6A13 Mitsubishi

Guidance on repair and maintenance of engines of Mitsubishi models 6G72, 6G73, 6G74, 6A12, 6A13 and guide the device and repair of engines Mitsubishi V6.

Presents a Handbook on repair and routine maintenance of engines Mitsubishi V6: 6G72 (the 3.0 liters), 6G73 (volume 2,5 L.), 6G74 (volume of 3.5 l), 6A12 (volume 2.0 l), 6A13 (a volume of 2.5 L.) with the system... [Read more]

Manual repair of engines 4D33, 4D34-T4, 4D35, 4D36 Mitsubishi

Manual repair of engines of Mitsubishi models 4D33, 4D34-T4, 4D35, 4D36
, maintenance and installation of Mitsubishi engines.
Illustrated service repair manual diesel engine MITSUBISHI 4D33 (volume 4,2 liters), 4D34-T4 (a volume of 3.9 liters with turbocharging), 4D35 (volume 4.5 liters), 4D36 (volume 3.6 liters) and HYUNDAI D4AF (volume of 3.5 liters), D4AK (volume of 3.3 liters with... [Read more]

Repair manual MITSUBISHI PAJERO SPORT 2008 release

Model PAJERO SPORT 2008 model year with petrol 6В31 3.0 liters and diesel 4D56 (2.5 liters DID) and 4М41 (3.2-litre DID) MITSUBISHI engines.

Directory of consumables and spare parts
Characteristic fault
Instruction manual
Diagnosis 490 DTC/12 systems

Technical... [Read more]

Repair manual Mitsubishi Montero Sport / Pajero Sport / Challenger edition 1996

Guidance on repair and maintenance:
MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT - 1996-2004 model years
MITSUBISHI PAJERO SPORT - 1996-2008 model years
MITSUBISHI CHALLENGER - 1996-2001 model years
Car models with petrol engines V6 6G72 (3.0 ltr.), 6G74 (the 3.5 litre MPI) and 6G74 (3.5 l. GDI)

The book is a guide to... [Read more]

Repair manual TOYOTA RAV4 2013

Prices new Toyota Rav 4 the rather high compared to cars of similar class. Customers long choose, compare cars, visit test drive and decide - buy a new Toyota RAV4.
But before such a purchase hardly anyone thinks - how much is ... [Read more]

Repair manual HYUNDAI ix35 and HYUNDAI TUCSON ix 2009

Repair manual HYUNDAI ix35 / HYUNDAI TUCSON ix c 2009 issue

Assembled in this Manual information will enable the car owner to determine when and what types of maintenance and repair of vehicles shall be made. It should be understood that this book... [Read more]

Repair manual Mitsubishi L200 2007

The book "Service Manual Mitsubishi L200" is a guide for the operation and maintenance of Mitsubishi and describes device for cars Mitsubishi L200 issued since 2007 year. Mitsubishi L200[Читать дальше]

Repair manual Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Stratus and Plymouth Breeze 1995-2000

Repair manual Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Stratus, Plymouth Breeze produced during the period 1995-2000

Automotive Repair Manual
Chrysler Cirrus
Dodge Stratus
Plymouth Breeze

by Marc M Scribner and John H Haynes
Member of the Guild of Motoring Writers

Models covered:
Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Stratus and Plymouth Breeze 1995 through 2000

... [Read more]

Repair manual CHRYSLER 300C and DODGE Magnum release since 2004

Repair manual CHRYSLER 300C and DODGE Magnum with 2004 release

Project information and technical support car owners autorepmans offers read guidance on repair and maintenance of cars CHRYSLER 300C and DODGE Magnum.
The purpose of this book is to help owners to make effective use of your CHRYSLER / DODGE,... [Read more]

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